Sunday, January 17, 2010


One of my favourite cartoons is Pibgorn, available at

However, the cartoonist, the most wonderful Brooke McEldowney, is taking a break from the regular cartoon to tell a story that he wrote for his daughter when she was a younger lady than she is now.

In the meantime, the regular characters of Pibgorn, temporarily out of work, have had to take jobs out in the real world. Regular readers of the cartoon will recognize the name Satori: she's a very snappy dresser, and pretty handy with a sword. But since the rent has to be paid, and she's not actually IN the cartoon at the moment, here's her new place of employment - in Canada; in darkest Saskatchewan, to be precise.

Yup, she's reduced to cutting hair.

This, of course, is all quite silly, but the people who come here from the comfy couch of confusion at the cartoon site will understand why I posted it.


The Old Wolf said...

Late to the party on this comment, but I've been out of town a lot.

Yeah, I'd definitely let Satori take her katana to my locks... ;^)

Kate J said...

There's a shop called Satori in Hay-on-Wye in Wales as well, sells great candles, crystals, wind-chimes etc! I never thought anything of the name, I guess I assumed it meant something but never wondered where it came from.
How's life in Saskatchewan?